What we do

Introductory statement

Gateway to Education Limerick is a non-profit, social enterprise created in Limerick in April 2012 to address economic and social barriers to education.

We work to relieve financial pressures on families throughout each school term. To connect parents and families to resources that will ensure full participation in the school system and community.

To provide educational support not otherwise available to primary and secondary students in at-risk families.

Another alternative that we provide is a six month training programme that enables people who completed a third level educational degree and want to enhance their job prospects by practising in their field of expertise through work experience.

These activities serve to increase participation and achievement in education and securing work within the wider community. 

About us

Gateway to Education Limerick is a voluntary organisation that offers support to families, primary school children, and college school leavers who are disadvantaged and economically excluded.

Primarily those who are below a certain financial threshold, are struggling at school, or need work experience to gain employment.

We provide a range of services to our local community to help them reach their full potential. We offer recycled school essentials at a nominal fee, thus helping the environment.

We offer a mentor-ship programme to primary school children supported by the volunteers from the University of Limerick at our Castletroy venue.

We offer one to one support to college school leavers who want to enhance their job opportunities, with the help of retired professionals.

We offer client based services based on seven years experience of working with families , those with disabilities and those that find it hard to access work experience due to the lack of places available.

In 2012 Gateway established its first service in Ireland, a low threshold school supply of essential, one on one educational support in Limerick at 72 O┬┤Connell street in Limerick Since the introduction we have reached out to the community in the Munster region and beyond, through our online portal.

To date we have reach 9000 families who reduced the cost of sending their children to school. We had 89 children both primary and secondary supported on an ongoing basis academically.

We had 15 people access our training programme based at our learning hub.


In 2017, a practicum group in UL took note of us and offered their assistance.

As they helped us, the team documented detailed efforts and the results of work – which you can read here. We are very grateful to the team and their efforts to bring us to where we are now.

Who we are

The organisation opened its first service in Limerick in 2012 in response to the needs of people with financial restraints in the local area. Since then, the organisation has grown considerably.  Our reach is largely based in the Munster region.

We are now one of the main providers of services to Parents, children and young adults who live in limerick. We primarily operate at two of our venues, implementing a cost reduction model.

We provide a range of services including low cost school essentials, a service that offers intensive support to families at risk of not having enough funds to send their children to school, and a Fun Learning Club service that supports children academically through a mentor-ship programme.

We recently opened a learning hub to assist college students with work experience to get back into the work force.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement: Our Mission is to facilitate and encourage full participation in Education.

Mission Statement: Everybody should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our core objectives are:

-To provide school essential to people who have income restraints.

-To support children/people to have better educational /jo outcomes through interventions due to disabilities, educational background, cash deficits.

-To provide pathways for disadvantaged people while enduring financial constraints, disability or non educational supports.

-To empower and promote the independence of those who use our services.

-To treat all out clients with dignity and respect.

-To provide client-centred services, rooted in evidence, quality and good practice.

-To advocate on behalf of people who are disabled, at risk of being job worthy, entrenched in poverty or those experiencing social marginalisation through a strengths-based approach.

Board of Directors

Suzanne Roche

Jennifer O’Carroll

Marian Hannifen

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