Contributions from our generous donors are essential to the success of our Shop & Store Room and Fun Learning Club.

 Donations of school supplies directly assist Limerick families in sending their children to school, and donations of other items help us cover the day-to-day costs of running the shop and Fun Learning Club.

 These contributions, in addition to monetary donations, are what make our work possible. They allow us to create more openings in the Fun Learning Club, to employ special needs assistants for children who require extra help, to purchase educational games and aids, and to keep our low-cost school supplies available for families.

 As a donor, you play a pivotal role in creating brighter futures for Limerick’s youth by enhancing their educational opportunities. Education has an enormous impact on children’s futures, and we are thankful for donors who believe its power as firmly as we do. Your continued support is incredibly important to us, as we rely on a steady stream of donations to operate effectively.

 We, as well as those we serve, thank you for standing behind our mission. Donations can be made online by clicking the “Donate” Button below or delivered to Number 9, Wickham Street, Limerick.