Meet the Team

Anna Power


Anna has an energy & passion for retail and fashion, she is a valued volunteer at Gateway to Education - Limerick. Anna enjoys interacting with all customers and making them feel welcome


Sonam Sherpa


Sonam's years of volunteer service are marked by his commitment to keeping our shop and storeroom clean, tidy and well organized. He is known for his friendly demeanor, always greeting others with a welcoming smile & wave.


Mariusz Baska


Mariusz believes in supporting our cause is the key for helping others. Mariusz is Polish and has brought a lot of valuable insights from his store management background.


Andrew Morrison


Andrew's dedication as a store support worker for seven years, serves as a shining example of how individuals can make a difference in creating a safer world and reducing landfill waste. His commitment inspires change.

Morgan Nolan


Morgan is a skilled merchandiser, photographer & brand expert. She is the driving force behind our charity's online retail efforts. She is adept at designing captivating shop window displays & has a keen interest in upcycling clothing

Deepthy Ashok M


Deepthy shares her values & beliefs in the transformative power of education. She is passionate about supporting education. She contributes to creating a better future through education


Marie Ryan


Marie understands that her work is vital to help the project run. Through her dedication and selfless efforts, she supports her co-workers as well as trains new volunteers/ workers.


Paul Crowley


Paul is a very dependable volunteer focusing his time in our charity shop. He has a lot of experience when it comes to school book editions and customer service. He is very interested in books and collects them in his free time.

Helen Bashford


Helen is a passionate & dedicated volunteer, supporting all areas of fashion and retail to keep the project running. Her commitment to work is invaluable. She supports her co-workers with unwavering dedication

Nachappa P N


Nachappa believes that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and helps create opportunities for all. Through his selfless efforts, his work serves as a shining example of how we can all make a difference in the world

Dylan Moloney


Dylan is a dedicated volunteer with 4years plus experience with Gateway to Education - Limerick. He specializes in school looks and helping families with their orders.


Laura Keane

Web Designer

Laura is an experienced Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Skilled in Photography, Facebook & Instagram, and WordPress. Laura has been a volunteer with Gateway to Education for 10 years.

The Board of Management


Philip Moser

Board of Management/ Volunteer

Philip has a background in university education from his earlier career. He lends this expertise to the charity by guiding our project work. He also is a board member, ensuring the charity is running properly.


Suzanne Roche


Suzanne, the founder, believes in equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their background, disability, education, culture or gender. She has a passion for vintage. Her efforts have been instrumental in the projects success, bringing it to it's 10th year of operation.


Jennifer O'Carrol

Board of Management

Jennifer is COO of the HansaWorld Group, an international ERP development company. She graduated with both a law and business degree majoring in accounting and finance. Following her work in the legal field, she became a Chartered accountant and has qualifications in international tax and financial advisory services. She serves as a director on a number of boards in an advisory capacity and does voluntary work for various charities.