Homework Club 17th September 2019 – Gateway to Education Limerick

The Homework club is back on the 17th September! So any interested parents can use the contact details on the website to sign up for this year.

If you have any questions, you can contact Emer for more information emer.gtel@gmail.com.

Place: Aisling Annacotty Sports Facility, Annacotty, Castletroy, Limerick
Time: Tue-Thur 3.30-5.30pm
Cost: €15 per week
Tel: 061 481 633

Place: Aisling Annacotty Sports Facility, Annacotty, Castletroy, Limerick
Time: Tue-Thur 3.30-5.30pm
Cost: €15 per week
Tel: 061 481 633

UL practicum on Gateway to Education Limerick

In 2017, a practicum group in UL took note of us and offered their assistance. Firstly they helped us with was our visibility. They also increase the stream of donations to the charity by way of various marketing projects.

As they helped us, the team documented detailed efforts and the results of work – which you can read here. We are very grateful to the team and their efforts to bring us to where we are now. After all this we would like to take the time to remember their work and how it has helped us up to today.

Employee-Volunteer Engagement Session

We are extremely happy to have organised our first employee-volunteer engagement session.

The whole Gateway family enjoyed to be present under one roof and it was a great success. We had a valuable discussion on the policies and procedures of the organisation, complying to the standards of Charity Governance Code, Ireland.

Thank you from the whole Gateway family to the communities who have supported us for many years. We are motivated to work and serve for the better of the community.

FAI- UEFA Euro 2020 National Football Exhibition

The exhibition teamed up with us in Limerick while on their tour around Ireland, the journey around Ireland has allowed the exhibition to make and impact in local communities with their football memories. As part of their tour they donated official EURO 2020 schoolbags, UEFA sticker books and stationary to us. 

We ran a competition for two lucky winners to attend the exhibition with us and receive the official EURO 2020 schoolbags along with the books and stationary, the winners of the Facebook competition attended the event with us and had a great day enjoying the history of football.

End of year showcase

What a day! Our end of year showcase has been our biggest success of the year. Students heard from various speakers throughout the day, including Louise Egan from I-SPY Clothing and representatives from Uber and Citi. Students also got the chance to present in front of a panel of judges about their volunteering experience and a #globalgoal of their choice. Congratulations to the winning team, 4 students from Castletroy College whose presentation included their experience of volunteering in Limerick’s Gateway to Education homework club. Their chosen #globalgoal was number 14, life below water. We’d like to thank all of the participating students, their teachers, and our partners who made this day possible.

University of Limerick Kemmy Business School UL PVA Student Volunteer Enactus UL Enactus IrelandClare’s Wish Foundation

Malawi schoolbook support


“We put the word out there and got a great response. Any books which were in-date, and of use, we passed to parents of school children here in Limerick. Anything which was out-of-date, we boxed and put away,”

We have been gathering and preparing out-of-date schoolbooks over the last two years for shipment to Malawi, where there are only 168 books to each 1,000 students.

A total of 500 boxes were shipped to the African community last Wednesday (6th February), and a relative of a volunteer with Gateway to Education is based in Malawi, where he is doing aid work. Some books will go to schools, others will go to libraries in Malawi.

We are proud to present “THE STUDY HUB”

We are proud to present “THE STUDY HUB” Easter camp , remember donations received at 9 Wickham Street, Limerick supports the work we do with 24 local children to help them reach their full potential

A recap video of the Easter Camp that we facilitated, empowering TY students to work with primary school children back in April with Limerick’s Gateway to Education. The video was used at the presentation last Wednesday.

Great work was carried out this year. We look forward to growing our presence at University of Limerick in September and working on more Social Entrepreneurship projects!

All students/faculty welcome:
– Business at UL
– Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, UL
– CSIS Dept UL
– University of Limerick International Education Division
– University of Limerick Careers Service
– UL Postgraduate Students’ Union
– UL Students’ Union
– UL PVA Student Volunteer

If you are interested in joining us, please reach out via DM or by emailing enactusul2013@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you 

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