If you would like to volunteer your time with Limerick’s Gateway to Education Homework Club or Shop, please get in touch by filling the form below, phone, calling into our shop or by email or social media.




“My name is Siobhan Wallek and I have volunteered with Limerick’s Gateway to Education.

I volunteered at the homework club which is held in UL every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I initially got involved with the club because I had some spare time on my hands and wanted to use that time to get involved with an initiative in which I could use the skills I learned while in college to train as a primary school teacher.

While volunteering I would work with one particular child and help them with their homework and provide any extra tuition that they may have needed. The club aims to have one to one tuition as then the children get the most out of the experience. I found that working with the same child each week benefitted both myself and the child. I got to know the child really well and knew where they may have had difficulties in their homework and could spot areas of weakness that needed to be supported and through building that relationship with the child they got to know me and felt comfortable asking for help.

I feel the homework club gave the children a great platform to grow and reach their full potential. At the start of the year some children were very shy and timid. By the end of the year the changes seen in each child were brilliant. The children had built friendships with each other and also with the volunteers. Each child had grown so much both academically and socially. Knowing that I played a small part in that change made me feel like I had also achieved something.

I would definitely recommend volunteering with the homework club to anybody that may find they have a few hours to spare each week. It is definitely worth the time.” – Siobhan Wallek


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